man caves

I’m okay with acknowledging my paleolithic links, not particularly keen on it, given it’s such a distant relative. i lose track once i get to second cousins. but I hate this cliche, and don’t understand the desire to perpetuate it.

“man cave,” need we disregard the evolutionary changes between then and now? and since we’re talking caves, why is it that none of those man caves use lascaux as inspiration?

why is the only inspiration six foot long hd screens (somehow representative of the indigenous priapism) and barcaloungers?


kurt vonnegut on technology

bill gates says, “wait until you see what your computer can become.” but it’s not your computer that should do the becoming. it’s you.


yes, a web site

it’s our first, official, fully-functioning splash into the area we’ve been remiss in not participating– our own website. yup. call us anything you like, but don’t call us late for dinner. exactly. just super-late to this html/php/css party.

this even has a blog. we’ve been telling people for years they need a blog. don’t know why we procrastinated. it’s not like we were to visit the proctologist or something worse.